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Ego Sum...

I am Aleksandr Zorin, though I haven't used that name in years. I doubt there's even much of a paper trail tied to that existence--a birth certificate and a handful of school records, perhaps--but as far as our introduction goes, it's as good a name as any. I buried Aleksey alive under so many identities, he really no longer exists. He is... I am... a ghost. In the near future, however, that name will become a matter of importance for some, and it is therefore time that Zorin is reborn.

There are several things we must get out in the open before we continue this journey. Probably most important, is that I am a serial murderer. I am also an exceptionally good one, as you will soon learn. The things you'll read here will rarely be pleasant, unless you happen to be a psychopath with homicidal tendencies, or are at least a bit "off" in the head. I do not intend to censor the content of this page to pander to the fragile or faint of heart. You therefore read at your own risk. Or don't. I'm not here to collect your "likes" or "upvotes" or to build a cult audience that hangs on and shares my every word. I am here to recount and relive my artistry. These writings will be filled with my brilliant, beautiful and often bloody memories. They will be graphic, and may make for uncomfortable reading. You're welcome to click that little "x" up in the corner if it gets to be too much for you.

At some point, the FBI will find this site. For reasons that will become clear in time, that is part of the plan. Criminologists will pore over my words as if they are sacred, trying desperately to understand that which they cannot. I will be hunted. I may be captured or killed. For a time, I will command the attentions of hundreds of highly-trained agents and officers, while I, as but one, will have hunted and captured and killed hundreds. They will attempt to conceal my truth, but long after this site has been removed from the internet, the words shall forever linger in the memories of minds and cyberspace. A digital cascade of ones and zeros on the Darknet. A nightmare; a shiver; a falling tear for those that were unmade into the image of my liking. Every soul that I have presented to the Else, every vessel that I have shattered, every drop of blood that I have ever spilled will be synonymous with my name. For I am mighty and merciless and terrible. Long after I have left you, generations will tremble at my deeds. What I have undone may never be undone. And in that, I have my immortality.

But I digress. Grandeur aside, you may be curious about the Latin. For starters: "Omnia dicta fortiora so dicta Latina." And I do so fancy the dead, after all. Look it up. You may learn something.

I think that serves as a more than satisfactory beginning, don't you? Come forth if you will. This is going to be fun.

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